主演:原田美枝子 倍赏美津子 西田尚美 室井滋 香川照之 


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讲述四位女性杀害她们丈夫并集体分尸的故事。影片的四位女主人公同是便当工厂的女工,性格各异却代表着现代的日本女性:曾在银行工作的雅子擅长持家理财,然而隐隐当上一家之主的她却无法得到长期失业的丈夫与叛逆儿 详情


Henry works in a factory. He comes from a poor family and was in school for only four years.He has to do the hard work, but he is paid less. He likes to watch football matches very much andspends much time on them. One afternoon there was a big football match on the playground. He borrowed some money from his friend and hurried there. There were a lot of people there. And all the tickets were soldout. He was sorry for it. He saw a pole outside the playground and climbed it quickly. A policemancame and said, "It is dangerous to stay on it! Come down!" "Wait a minute, please!" Henry said and just at that moment the policeman heard cheers on theplayground and asked in a hurry, "which team has kicked a goal?" "Ours!" "wonderful! You can staythere. But take care!" The policeman said happily and left. When the match would be soon over, hecame back again and asked, "who has won?" "Theirs, 3:2 " " Come down," the policeman said angrily. " Such a match is not worth watching!" Henry had to come down. But soon they heard cheers again. The policeman said in a hurry, "Climb up quickly and see who has kicked a goal."亨利在一家工厂工作。他来自一个贫穷的家庭,只上过四年学。他必须努力工作,但他没有。他喜欢看足球比赛非常花太多时间在他们。一天下午,操场上有一个大的足球比赛。他借了一些钱从他的朋友赶到那里。那儿有很多人。和所有的票都卖了熟女杀人事件 。他很后悔。他看见一个杆外操场爬很快。警察过来说,“在它是危险的!落败 。“请等一分钟,!”亨利说,就在这时,警察听到欢呼的操场和焦急的问,“哪个队进球了?”乌尔河 。旺德 。你可以留下来在那里 。但是要小心!”警察说幸福,左。当比赛会很快结束,他又回来问,“谁赢了?”他们,3:2”下来,”警察说愤怒。”这样的比赛是不值得看!”亨利来了。但很快他们听到喝彩声。警察匆忙地说,“很快追上来看看谁进球了。”【分给我吧】



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